Fancy (Nichols Hills)

by Husbands

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We've been quiet for a bit, but Danny and I have been chipping away at something like twenty songs, trying new things on each one and shaping them up into proper pop songs.

This is one that I wrote while still in Washington, DC. Like most songs that I write, the music came first, and the lyrics were just weird mumbles that I recorded on the fly. For me, the music comes easy. It's the lyrics that take a while to develop. I kinda need some experience or perspective to develop, and then, suddenly, there's a concept you can build a song around.

The idea in "Fancy" comes from a wealthy neighborhood in OKC called Nichols Hills. My wife and I moved into a tiny house just south of the neighborhood and started taking walks through Nichols Hills, sorta in awe at these huge, ritzy mansions. It's the kind of neighborhood where no one's pretending about their wealth. It's totally flaunted. It's wild. It's so opulent, you almost just have to say, "congrats, guys, you're really doing the rich thing here."

One time on a holiday, Danny and I walked through the Nichols Hills golf course and had this pretty long conversation about the idea of being wealthy. This song is sorta an homage to that Nichols Hills lifestyle–something I don't know much about but can only dream what it's like. That's why we sing about hanging out at the country club and drinking (possibly) jasmine-flavored iced tea in this one.



out of this world, flip those sunnies up
she tans her legs at the country club
real nichols hills, so original
she reads her zine from the digital
don't you ever dream of folks just like you?
haven't ever seen a soul flush like you

that girl's so fancy

circle the pool but we don't go in
does this iced tea taste of jasmine?
don't you ever dream about leveling up?
can't remember now what was up

that place was fancy

she's a rich girl, empty as a pocket, diamonds on the souls of her adidas
na na na na na na nichols hills


released March 13, 2017
written by wil norton and danny davis

drums - alberto roubert
cover photo - chris moranchel



all rights reserved


Husbands Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

central coast lo-fi pop

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